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A collection of advocacy

Click on the links below to view some of my featured work.

Minimal Office

Scroll to discover a few of the various organizations I have communicated and collaborated with to further personal and professional advocacy efforts, and click the images below to be redirected to their websites.


Here you will find examples of the type of work I do and where you can potentially find it.


Patient Ambassador

Awareness Campaigns

In-Person/Virtual Participation in Patient Advisory Boards

Health Community Insight Groups

Paid Studies & Surveys

Guest expert at events for:

schools & universities, hospitals & health organizations

health conferences, seminars & lectures


Online Community Building

Guest Blogging/Vlogging

Video Content Creation

Video Testimonials or Patient Story Features

In-Person, Virtual, & Recorded Speaking Engagements

Guest Contributor for Digital/Print Publications

Content Creation (i.e. videos blog posts, etc.)

Content Review (i.e. consult with companies to improve content)

Influencer Marketing

Instagram Takeovers

Twitter Chat Participant

Facebook Live Feature

Podcast Creation/Podcast Guest

Private/Public Product Promotion & Review

Expert Commentary (for media i.e. radio/television)

Voice Over for Video Content

Support Group Lead/Guest

Graphic Design

What People Say


"Meridith relentlessly advocates for invisible disabilities.

She is passionate, kind, and impactful in her advocacy."


"Every word you write is like you are writing from my thoughts and experience!

I am so happy to have found you. You don't know what an impact you have had on my life...Saint Meridith."


"Meridith is a beautiful person inside and out! Her profile is educational as well as inspirational.

I love seeing her hard work and honest adds value to my day to see her journey!"


"I love seeing people share their stories.

Meridith O'Connor made the hair on my arms stand up!"

An Array of Topics

Rare Disease - Neuromuscular Disorder - Autoimmune Disorder - Chronic Illness - Invisible Disability

Misdiagnosis & Diagnosis

Emotional Implications of Chronic Illness

General Mental Health






Redefining Oneself After Chronic Illness

Finding Joy Within Chronic Illness

Support Systems

Caregiver Support

Societal Interpretation of Disability

Importance of Awareness

Disability Inclusion

Importance of Diversity

Discrimination & Stereotypes

Financial Implications of Disability

Importance of Investing in Healthcare

Privilege within Healthcare

Disability in Politics

The Spectrum of Disability

Education/Employment Accommodations



Health Literacy

Health Communication

Health Education

Health Behavior & Health Promotion

Patient/Provider Relations

Pharmaceutical Drugs

Clinical Trials

Product Promotion & Testimonial

Health & Wellness

Health Technology

Speaking of topics...Check out my column, For What It's Worth, and read my personal take on different matters regarding patient advocacy.

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